Industrial Training (6 Months)

Introduction to HTML & HTML 5, Basics of HTML, HTML Elements & Tags (list, Tables, Images, Links etc. Audio and Video, Forms, Google Maps, Form Validations, Introduction to CSS & CSS3, Inline CSS, Internal CSS, External CSS, Color and Background Properties, Text Properties, Font Properties,Border Properties, BOX Model, Position Properties, Classification Properties, Bootstrap, Introduction to JavaScript, Conditional Constructs to JavaScript, Looping statement in JavaScript, Working with Predefined functions, Maintaining Validations in JavaScript, Event Handling, Project work Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw, WordPress, Project Work.
Basics of Web Designing, HTML 5- Introducing & Tags, Style Sheets, Javascript / JQuery, Introducing PHP & Language Basics, Function & Arrays, Advanced OOPS Features, Error & Exception Handling, Error & Exception Handling, Working with File & Operating System, Working with HTML Forms, Database Handling with PHP, Authenticating Users, Handling File Uploads, Session Handling, Templating with Smarty , Securing your Web site, CMS: WordPress – Installation & Plugins, Theme Implementation, Widgets, Joomla – Installation and Working, Google API , Joomla, Framework Basics, Using Framework CakePHP, Laying the Foundation, MVC Architecture, Using Models, Creating and Customizing Views, Writing Controllers, Ecommerce Application Using Framework, Receiving Payments Using PayPal, Accepting & Storing Customers Orders, Processing Credit card Transactions, Integration of Mail & SMS in Web App, Hosting & Running the E-commerce Application, Project work.
CORE JAVA:- Java OOPS concepts, need for Java, Classes and interfaces, Objects, Constructor, fields, methods, variables, keywords, Inheritance, method overloading and overriding, access specifiers, jar file, Javadoc creation, Package, comparing and printing objects, final variable and initializing, Bitwise operations, operators, data types, Generic types, Date, Calendar, Inner, anonymous classes, String, String Buffer, Regular Expressions, arrays, switch statement, Exception, Reflection, Clone, Assertion, File Handling, IO package classes, Enum type, Multi-threading, concurrency, Data structures, Collection framework, sorting, JDBC, SQL, database concepts, drivers J2EE: Sockets, remote communication, Servlets, Webserver, http methods, RMI, networking, Java Server Pages(JSP), JSTL SQL: – DBMS, Table, Column, Row, Constraints, Primary, Foreign, Unique keys, Queries, DML, select, update, insert, DDL, create, alter, drop, DCL, Data Control Language, Grant, Invoke, Transactional Control Language, Commit, Rollback, HTML: – Elements, Attributes, Paragraphs, Headings & Styles, Links, Images, Classes & lists, Create simple static web pages, colors, backgrounds, Create and Work on Forms, Tables and Frames, Logical tags, Responsive UI, HTML5 CSS: – Borders, Backgrounds, Font, text-effect, Animations, JAVASCRIPT: – Elements of JavaScript Program, JavaScript Statements, Functions, Objects, Array, Events, Time Outs, Final project.
Core Java:- Getting Started with Basics of Java, OOPS Concepts, String Handling, Exception Handling, Multithreading, Control Flow, Arrays in Java, Java Methods, Java Form Controls, Java and Databases, Databases and Java Forms. SQL Server/MySql/SQL:- Introduction to MySQL, Designing Databases, Basic SQL, Database Structures, Doing Advanced Queries, Advanced MySQL Concepts, Managing Users and Privileges, Backing Up and Restoring MySQL Databases, Basic Android Studio:- Basics of Android, UI Widgets, Activity, Intent & Fragment, Android Menu, Layout Manager, Adapter, View, Android Services, Data Storage, SQLite, XML & JSON, Content Provider, Android Notification, Multimedia, Speech API, Telephony API, Location API, Animation, Device Connectivity, Sensor, Android Graphics, Android Web Services, Android Google Map, Project Work.
AutoCAD: 2d & 3d , CREO: modelling, Surfacing, Assembly & Drafting, CATIA: Modelling, Surfacing, Assembly & Drafting, NX Unigraphics: Sketcher, Part, Surfacing, Assembly, Drafting & Manufacturing, SolidWorks: Modelling, Surfacing, Assembly & Drafting, CNC Programming & CNC Machining , Project Work.
  • Introduction of Python, Installing Python IDES – Python IDLE and Anaconda, Writing Your First Python Program, Data-types in Python, Variables in Python – Declaration and Use, Typecasting in Python, Operators in Python – Assignment, Logical, Arithmetic etc. Taking User Input (Console), Conditional Statements – If else and Nested If else and elif, Python Collections (Arrays) – List, Tuple, Sets and Dictionary, Loops in Python – For Loop, While Loop & Nested Loops, String Manipulation – Basic Operations, Slicing & Functions and Methods, User Defined Functions – Defining, Calling, Types of Functions, Arguments, file handling

Industrial Training (6 weeks)

Overview of the Programming Languages, Setting up and Installing C Language, Datatype, Variables, Control statements, Arrays, String, Function, Pointer, Structures & Union, Operator & Enum, , Preprocessor, File handling, Project work.
Overview of the C++ including various object oriented concepts, Classes & object, Overview of the Programming Languages, Inheritance, Pointers, Operator overloading, Polymorphism, Inline function, static function, Friend Function & class, Exception Handling, Type Conversion, File handling, Standard Template Library(STL), Project work.
Introduction/Overview of .Net,,.Net Framework [Advanced], Visual C#.Net Language, .Net Installations/C#.Net, Programming Using Visual C#.Net, Introduction To Windows Forms – I, Windows Forms – II, Object Oriented Concepts (Basic),Object Oriented Concepts (Advanced), Object Oriented Concepts (Implementation Oriented),Error Handling, Ado.Net 1.1/2.0/LINQ, ADO.Net Components, Data Sources And Net Data Providers, Accessing Data In The Connected Environment, Accessing Data In Disconnected Environment, Implementation Of ADO.NET in N-Tier, XML IN .NET, Creating Custom Windows Controls, Windows Services, .Net Remoting, Crystal Reports, Application Deployment, Project work.
Introduction to java concepts, java environment, installation, Java, classes & objects, methods introduction, Data Types, Enum Types, Generic Types, and Bitwise Operations., Jar File and Creation of Javadoc, Control statement, Packages and interfaces, Exception handling, Multi threading, Collections Swings, Connectivity of java with database. MYSQL Introduction, and it’s working, NetBeans, Project work using NetBeans & MYSQL, Project work.
Introduction to HTML & HTML5, Basics of HTML, HTML Elements & Tags (list, Tables, Images, Links etc. Audio and Video, Forms, Google Maps, Form Validations, Introduction to CSS & CSS3, Inline CSS, Internal CSS, External CSS, Color and Background Properties, Text Properties, Font Properties, Border Properties, BOX Model, Position Properties, Classification Properties, Transition with CSS3, Transform with CSS3, Bootstrap, Introduction to JavaScript, Conditional Constructs to JavaScript, Looping statement in JavaScript, Working with Predefined functions, Maintaining Validations in JavaScript, Event Handling, Project work.
Introduction to php, Language Constructors, Operators, Conditional controls, Loops, String Declaration, Arrays, File Handling, Graphics in PHP Functions, Types of Errors, Session, Cookies, Object Oriented Concepts in PHP, Working with Regular Expressions, MYSQL, Database connectivity, Project work.
Introduction to WordPress, setting and installing WordPress, HTML,CSS & Javascript, WordPress, Designing, Theme development, sending emails, deployment, Website development, MySQL, Project Work.
Introduction to Android, Installation and configuration of Android, Getting started, introduction to application components Activities, Android component life cycle, Android layouts, Android views, Introduction to Database, Project work.
Introduction to Python Programming, Execution steps, Memory management and Garbage collections, Data Types and Operations, File Operations, Functions in Python, Modules and Packages, Classes in Python, Exception Handling in Python Programming, Thread, Network & Socket Programming, GUI Programming in Python, Database with Python, Project work.
NET Framework, CTS and CLS, Programming with C#, Multi-Core Parallel Programming, Covariance and Contravariance with C#, ASP.NET Client-Server Architecture, HTTP Protocol, IIS Webservers and Cassini, HttpContext and HTTP Application objects, ASP.NET Toolbox Webserver Controls, ,Master Pages and Themes, Zero Code, Two-way and One-way databinding with Templates, Designers and Data Source Controls, ADO.NET N-Tier DLL based, Two-way and One-Way databinding with Templates, Database connectivity with DB Factories, Entity Framework 4.0 and LINQ, XML and XPath Filters, Website Navigation with SiteMap Providers and Sitemap Resolve events, Custom Controls, User Controls and Composite Controls, jQuery, Javascript and CSS, WPF, ASP.NET Generic Handlers, Project work.
History of Linux, Operating systems, Install Linux Graphically, GUI Desktop Graphical Desktop, Linux Architecture, Logging in to Linux, Working into Linux, Terminal windows Configure the date & Time, Terminal Window & their window Interfaces, Shell Command Lines The Linux File System, Directory Structure, Re-directors, File and Directory Permissions, VI Editor Manage Disk System (Primary, Extended & Logical), Regular Expressions, Pipelines & I/Redirection) Pipe Outputs, Filters (AWK, GREP, etc.), Managing User Accounts & Network User Account, Shell programming, Project Work
Getting Started with AutoCAD, Basic Drawing & Editing Commands, Projects- Creating a Simple Drawing, Drawing Precision in AutoCAD, Making Changes in Your Drawing Projects, Organizing your Drawing with Layers , Advance Object Type, Getting Information from Your Drawing, Drawing Organization & Information, Advanced Editing Commands, Inserting Blocks, Setting Up a Layout, Hatching, Adding Dimensions, Project Work.
Basics Of Networking Technologies, Operation of IP Data Networks, Introduction to Computer Network, Introduction to OSI & TCP/IP Model, Introduction to Internet, How to implement LAN Network, LAN Switching Technologies, Switching Concepts & Broadcast, Configuring Catalyst Switch technologies, Configure & verify Vlans,Implement Enhanced Switch Technologies, IP addressing (IPv4/IPv6) etc. CCNP ROUTE: Create an EIGRP Implementation Plan, Create an IPv6 Implementation Plan, Configure EIGRP Routing, Configure IPv6 Routing, Describe Broadband Technologies, Create an OSPF Implementation Plan, Configure Basic Broadband Connections, Configure OSPF Routing, create an eBGP Implementation Plan, Describe Basic VPN Technologies, Create an eBGP Verification Plan, Configure GRE, configure eBGP Routing, Configure DSL Networks etc.