LibreOffice is a free and open-source office suite, a project of The Document Foundation. It was forked in 2010 from, which was an open-sourced version of the earlier StarOffice
BlueJ is an integrated development environment for the Java programming language, developed mainly for educational purposes, but also suitable for small-scale software development. It runs with the help of JDK.
Scratch is a programming language and an online community where children can program and share interactive media such as stories, games, and animation with people from all over the world. As children create with Scratch, they learn to think creatively, work collaboratively, and reason systematically
Age: 7-10 Yrs.
Adobe CorelDraw + Adobe Photoshop
Age: 12-16 Yrs.
Adobe Photoshop + Adobe Premiere Pro + Adobe Audition
Age: 10-14 Yrs.
Adobe Photoshop + Adobe CorelDraw + Adobe Animate (Flash)
Tux Paint is a free drawing program designed for young children (kids ages 3 and up). It has a simple, easy-to-use interface, fun sound effects, and an encouraging cartoon mascot who helps guide children as they use the program. It provides a blank canvas and a variety of drawing tools to help your child be creative

GCompris is a high quality educational software suite, including a large number of activities for children aged 2 to 10. Some of the activities are game orientated, but nonetheless still educational.

some of the activities available in that category.

  • computer discovery: keyboard, mouse, different mouse gestures etc,
  • arithmetic: table memory, enumeration, mirror image, balance the scale, change giving etc.
  • science: the canal lock, color mixing, gravity concept,
  • games: memory, connect 4, tic tac toe, sudoku, hanoi tower,
  • reading: reading practice,
  • other: learn to tell time, the braille system, maze, music instruments.